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Project Funding Request Form

The Cornelia Warren Community Association was established in 1925 and charged with managing funds for the benefit of the citizens of Westbrook. The funds are to be used for a variety of purposes, including education, recreation, the promotion of social welfare, and supporting other corporations with a similar purpose. Some of our past projects include the veterans’ memorial in Riverbank Park, the skating rink on Lincoln Street, the warming hut at the Stroudwater Armory, funding for the Mission Possible Teen Center, and defibrillators for the Westbrook Rescue.

In general, our practice is to provide matching funds for “bricks and mortar” projects. We have few formal requirements, but we consider the following guidelines in evaluating projects:

  • We prefer to contribute to physical projects, not engineering or exploratory costs.
  • We almost always provide matching funds and require that you have other contribution commitments from fundraising, other organizations, or some combination of the two.
  • We ask that the project recognize the Association and promote the name of Cornelia Warren, through publicity, signage, etc.

In filling out the following request form, please consider these guidelines and help us understand how your project meets our goals. Feel free to attach any additional information that might be helpful (narrative proposal, spreadsheet, budget, drawings, etc.). Fill out the form below or click here to download the PDF version.

In submitting this request, you acknowledge that your organization has read these guidelines and that you understand additional information may be requested after we receive your request.